The Houston House Elevation team are expert house lifters. We specialize in Slab Elevation, Slab Separation, Pier and Beam or a combination of these technologies. We recently completed six Slab Elevation house lifting rpojects in the Meyerland Houston area. After the Harvey storm in 2017, we were proud to provide Meyerland residents with a permanent solution to an ongoing flood problem.

We are proud to offer Brazoria County Texas residents our home elevation expertise. Calls us today 281-845-8033 for a free quote and let us educate you on the best solution for your home. We offer turnkey house lifting and  remodeling. In addition, we offer lifting only solutions and work with general contractors. Our experience involves small and large house elevations. We want you to speak with our customer's and visit the homes we have lifted.


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This house lifting process involves separating the slab away from the home and elevating all of the interior and exterior walls, ceiling, roof, second or third floor, windows, doors, upper cabinets, shower tile on the walls and the interior staircases. Our team are experts in every method of house elevation and produce a better product with more return on investment for the homeowner. We have perfected the slab separation process and provide this cost effective option that most house lifters in Texas are incapable of offering.

This house lifting process is for wood frame structures that are usually already elevated off the ground. Houston House Elevation team will install a grid of steel under the house and elevate it using the Unified Hydraulic Jacking  System. In most cases we can also elevate the brick veneer with your home which most other companies are not qualified to do.​

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The process is used when the homes slab and footings are poured together. We will tunnel under the house and drive push piles based on the type of soil, exposing the footing or grade beams. Next we utilize a Unified Hydrualic Jacking System to  push on the footings or grade beams to precisely elevate your home from 1 to 20 feet. Houston House Elevation team are experts in Monolithic Slab Elevation. We are the best in the industry in the process of Piling and Tunneling to elevate your home and secure it at the correct level. Finally, install a new foundation system, reconnect all mechanical systems, build two sets of staircases to meet egress, obtain a occupancy inspection and necessary paperwork.

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