Baton Rouge House Elevation

We offer foundation leveling, elevation/lifting, and repair. In addition we provide a wide range of services to meet your project needs, remodeling,  and driveway construction. We use the best technology and equipment to provide the highest quality results. In addition, we offer the most competitive rates in the state of Texas and Houston Texas.  We want to talk to you, to educate you and NOT waste your time. Let's be honest, home elevation is a major investment. We are victims and experts, call us 504-264-3308

House Lifting Projects

Home Raising Service Louisiana

​​Baton Rogue House Lifters with 50 years  experience lifting houses in Louisiana. We have the experience, knowledge, and technology to elevate houses.  There are other foundation repair companies that offer house lifting services. However, they lack the experience and state of the art technology to complete the job safely and quickly. We use precision hydraulic and computerized technology. We enjoy educating our customers on the best house elevation technology for their homes

​House Elevation Lifting Services Baton Rouge Louisiana

Check out the beautiful work we do! Our customers are very satisfied with every house elevation we perform.

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