Houston House Elevation is owned by and was founded by Meyerland Flood victim Shimon Atzil. Shimon was not only a victim of two Meyerland floods, but also the victim of a ripoff artist that was origianally contracted to elevate his home. Shimon decided that he was going to elevate his home himself. He was successful at lifting his Meyerland house six feet prior to the Harvey storm. Professsional house lifters from Louisiana were so impressed with the success of his home elevation, they partnered with him. Because Shimon elevated his house before the Harvey Storm, he avoided a third flood. Less than a year, Houston House Elevation has lifted six homes in the Meyerland area. These were not small jobs either, a 5000 square foot house was lisfted 5 feet 4915 Braesvalley.

​Shimon will personally meet with you and take you to the jobs he has done. You will be able to speak to the home owners and learn why they selected Houston House Elevation. In addition, he will educate you on house lifting methodologies and why he does a better job than the veteran competition at a lower cost. Shimon was featured in June of 2017 on ABC 13. He lives in the worst area of Meyerland for flooding
​at 4906 Braesheather. Shimon was featured in the ABC 13 special below, because he lives in the worst area of Meyerland for flooding. In addition, the news station was impressed with him successfully lifting his house 6 feet.

ABC13 Presents: Founders of Houston House Elevation

Featured in this ABC 13 news spot about Meyerland flooding, are Lois & Shimon. They are victims, and residents of the worst flood area in Meyer Land. They are also the founders of Houston House Elevation.

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We offer foundation leveling, elevation/lifting, and repair. In addition we provide a wide range of services to meet your project needs, remodeling,  and driveway construction. We use the best technology and equipment to provide the highest quality results. In addition, we offer the most competitive rates in the state of Texas. That saves you time and money.​

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Houston House Elevation utilizes the best talent and technology. Let us personally show you the work we have done in the Meyerland Houston area. We use the best precision unified hydraulic lifting technology available and offer turnkey solututions.